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Renewable Energy is energy generated from natural sources such as sunlight, geothermal heat, and wind. They are renewable because they are naturally replenished.

In most developed world, energy source in most commercial and residential buildings’ energy are solar energy based, although some new homes are emerging with wind energy. Interestingly, most big oil companies are big supporters of renewable energy as a way to mitigate the carbon emissions created in the industry.

However, before installing a solar backup power at your home or office, there is a need to carry out a “Whole Home Performance Audit” (WHPA). This is important to first identify your appliances and advice on how to reduce and conserve your energy use. Only after we identify how your home or office  energy needs and accurately identify other energy sources will best balance out the remainder of your energy consumption before installation of our system components can be suggested.

The auditor will discuss with the home owner, what systems are operating inefficiently and will recommend energy saving measures and improvements. We can help home owners prioritize proposed improvements, with information on utility-dedicated appliances and how best to finance your purchase by taking advantages of single-digit loans that are available.

A Solar4GEN Audit will result in a reduction of your home’s backup energy consumption, saving you money, and improving the comfort and safety of your home or office. In addition, the free audit will identify potential problems such as poor air quality, mold, and carbon monoxide.