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About maintenance

The monthly maintenance charge covers use of embedded 4G SIM technology to activate remote monitoring that addresses the issues of:

– quality assurance and lifetime enhancement
– operational reliability check at module level
– life-cycle assessment & component recycling

Solar4GEN.com operates a PayAsYouGo service level agreement (SLA) in addition to the full purchase of our systems. This flexibility enables us to actively monitor the units (i.e. the Portable Solar Home Systems) by obtaining real time information about on-going operations. At regular intervals, an embedded microcontroller sends information to a central server about user’s consumption, battery voltage, photovoltaic energy production and any operational problems that could result in the unit failure. This data can be retrieved with customer’s cell phones using cloud Wi-Fi computing with a metering App over the GSM network.

Benefits of Solar4GEN maintenance culture includes always on energy to power critical basic appliances for a worry free daily living. Any month that payment is not received, callout out charge will be due in addition to any cost of repairs that may be due.