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Home Lighting

Solar4GEN illuminates my World! Our home uses a single 75Watt LED that illuminates the entire living room and dining. Because of regular power failure, it has been very difficult to enjoy the special lighting designed for our house without spending so much on fuel to power our big generator. In addition to the cost, it makes a deafening noise and emits smelly smoke that pollutes the environment.


Although Solar4GEN did not entirely replace our entire household energy needs such as our air condition, but it has been equal to the task of providing lighting at the flick of a switch. Thanks to Solar4GEN system. We can now charge all our gadgets anytime any day, able to sleep with fan in quite environment at night and do not have to worry about the spread of carbon dioxide emission within our household. I say a big thank you to the team that has put this together and I will surely recommend the system to all my associates.