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Computer Lab

I’m an Environmentalist who believes that Climate Change is real and people in sub-Saharan Africa suffers the most.

To contribute my effort to protecting our environment, am donating Solar4GEN to the computer lab of my alma mater secondary school. Upon requesting Energy Audit of the school lab, It was discovered that the computer lab needs 400Watts/Hr of electricity to run. I also noticed that the students are unable to learn new technology due to lack of regular electricity. The school claims they have no budget for fuel and the school generator has long broken down. With Sola4GEN to the rescue, the young students, our future, now have uninterrupted power supply to power the school’s computer lab through a managed backup up power that is reliable, affordable and sustainable.

I am doing my bit to help the environment through the use of smart solar system that emits zero-carbon and at the same time changing the life of these young students in the process. I encourage every one to support what this great team is doing by donating Solar4GEN to at least one school TODAY so that they can learn new technology EVERYDAY that could change their lives FOR EVER!

Am definitely going to request a free energy audit of my office boardroom lighting and projector used for presentations. With uninterruptable power supply, it can make a big difference between loosing and closing a business deal.