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Interior Decorator

As an Interior Decorator, all I really need is about 200Watts/Hr of electricity to power my small tools. To do this, I have to rely on small diesel generator popularly known as “I better pass my neighbour” that costs me about N5,000 Naira of diesel fuel to run EVERY DAY! Since giving Solar4GEN a try, my life has never been the same again. Am always sceptical about most solar power systems because they work for sometime and then die. Just see all our dead street lights at night. But Solar4GEN is different. The good thing I like about the service is that for a small mandatory maintenance fee, it is operated as a managed service and regularly monitored. The team can detect if the system is not performing well and can respond to it even before I call them. In fact they come around monthly to validate and wipe the panels.

I predict that this system will bring innovation to our country because it reduces the cost of doing business by about one-third of the usual cost. Kudos to the team that brought this to fruition.

Am definitely going to get one for my grand mother because it has changed my life and am sure it will change hers too.